Why choose SW&Vous?

The toto syndrome (we're not in kansas anymore)

Discover the new world of OZ, a place where managing your project is no longer a place of fear, pressure and setbacks. Leave “home” and embark on your journey showing your position on innovation and your attitude towards change. Choose to be accompanied by Mr or Mrs Right to build a strategy with roots, communicate effectively and invent the terms of your next success. Take your project “Over the rainbow” with Stéphanie Will, who together with you and your team, will formulate your ambition and evaluate your project implementation plan.
Our collaborative approach uses interactive tools, to inform, convince or train, such as :

SharePoint 86%
Klaxoon 95%
SalesForce 78%
SW&Vous - project engineering


Accompanying general management, teams, visionaries… towards the fulfilment of strategic projects, we share your technical methods to launch and guide the project at every stage: planning, identification of resources, interface between stakeholders… within innovative and objective critical environments.

SW&Vous - business communications


Creating and editorializing the key project message and all further content, for all communication, in any situation: from the project « bible » to the consulting / training supports, through designing the framework for live communications to public speaking. 15 years of shaking up established codes to express authenticity.

SW&Vous - business development


Bringing your strategy to life through Live Events, partnerships, sponsorship, lead gen… and providing your project with a strong network. We handle Biz Dev in a pragmatic way to fix and attain the right SMART objectives and not chase rainbows, whatever your « Yellow Brick Road » may be (a « Wizard of Oz » quote again).

Happy project actors
Cities crossed
New hair colors
Movies enjoyed

What are SW&Vous’ key success factors?

An unlimited and prejudice free 360 vision

Multi-dimensional corporate ecosystem knowledge

From « who is in charge? » to « who has an opinion? », we analyze the cartography of your project allies and those for whom you are an « obligee ».

Strengthening human relationships at work

Great teams are high potential individuals who have been understood for both their rhythm and talents. We manage singularities together.

Breathing in sync with Mother Earth

Energy also comes from nature. Open up working practices to hold meetings while walking, sharing outdoors activities… We encourage soft skills as a healthy part of ourselves.

Saying yes to Art and Design inspiration

Being brilliant is a matter of knowing how to receive artistic expression, in whatever form or performance. We definitely feel blessed thanks to Resnais, Seurat or YSL… and we quote them!
Our projects

Enter Backstage

Our partners & friends

Donna Enticott

Donna Enticott

Bluellow: Sustainable communication agency
The perfect alter ago for communicating and being creative. Her best quality remains that of being the native English person I share my Harrod’s tea with.
Laëtitia Attali

Laëtitia Attali

Women Empowerment Program Founder
The magical eyes who captured your hostess in her much-loved place to live and work. « The Woman in the moon » I need daily on the ground.


The Paris-Saclay "Third Place"
Would I dare say « The place to be? ». Actually my closest innovative and challenging neighbour just up the road.
My busy meal

My busy meal

The time lunch network
Join us for our next meetings in Paris-Saclay, with the cream of people involved with in their territory and open minded for a good mix of ideas.

Follow the path towards united teams, proud of their achievements and new learnings. Come and meet us!

Paris - Saclay
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