I Love Films. My experience with films is so old I really can’t remember what my first film was and when. For me experiencing a film is the absolute collective, both intellectual and emotional, alterity experience. Sharing crushes for stars, a fever for intensive plots, enlightenment from the director’s vision, seated in a chair in a movie theater embracing feelings of otherness. Cinema is thus my ultimate trip, arming me for the life I choose.


Films are not free. Films are not made to be seen alone on a private couch or tiny screens. Films have been shot since 1910. Some of them are fictions, others are documentaries. Sometimes they are animations. Films are universal. « The Movie Light Project » is the promise I make today to movie pictures to make them live in a collective space, where they are paid for, seen and shared by enthusiastic people with memories.

Never again « Currently unavailable »

How many times have you thought: « I wish I could see that specific film again, with that specific actor with whom specific events happened! ». Or « Gosh, I never saw that movie, I would die to see it! ».

Why nowadays can a film seem to disappear? Films such as the Amos Kollek’s SUE, shot in Manhattan, which has created its own legend since the nineties? How can we go on not providing constant access to authors like Kieslowski, Dupeyron, Oshii?…

The digital era has not yet solved all of our cinephile issues. Copies in movie theaters are still rare. Authorizations for public screenings are very tough to obtain. There is too much confusion in people’s minds between internet and free art.

So let us build a new model for accessing all the films currently available somewhere, in a new cherished place where the Movie Light is both a new generation projector and the legacy of the diversity and brilliance that movies have to offer.

SW&Vous - The Movie Light Project


No, it can’t be. To access to the largest film catalogues in the most reactive way (people request a movie online or through instant recommendation), it has to be a third-place devoted to videoprojection.


Yes it is, absolutely. TMLP exists thanks to « the mess we make » and for « the fools who dream ». My idea would not have been reborn without Damien Chazelle’s film and score.


Yes it is. Please download TMLP pdf file… it’s even written in French! Feel free to get in touch with me to make this challenging and innovative heart-warming project happen.

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